New Construction

Want to Build a Pool?  Common Questions answered by FSPA


Time it takes to build:  Dig to swim: Varies based on scope of project, your contractor and things out of everyone’s control.

  • Time of year – always a good time
  • Rainy season vs. holiday (delays)


Permits / Inspections – Permits will be pulled by your contractor and inspections scheduled as necessary.  A contractor cannot guarantee they can get an inspector to come out the moment they have completed a portion of the project that requires an inspection.


Weather – One day of rain can delay a week plus.  If forecast is for rain it can still affect progress.


Change orders / materials – Any time you change what you want for the project, including materials and finishes, the project will be delayed and additional costs may be incurred.


Production – should be based on weekly progress, not daily


Utilities – When digging, waterline, utilities many underground, obstructions not able to be located, old sewer lines, septics, etc. – Speak with your contractor to understand what possible delays and costs could be incurred if an issue arises.


Access – What is required beyond ability to get in the backyard – what is around the project


Cost – Depending on scope of project.  From a minimum basic pool of $30,000 and up


Contracts – Ask questions and be sure you understand what you are agreeing to. Payment terms / conditions


What’s excluded: general underground / soil / utility / access